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Scholarships to Study Anywhere 2022


Scholarships to Study AnywhereThere are so many students clamouring for scholarships to study anywhere every year. This competition is because of the constant increase in schooling fees. Hence, desperate students have to go the extra mile to pursue funding to satisfy their schooling needs. 

However, some may not be able to meet up with their criteria. Some others might not like the destination of study that the scholarship is in line with. 

Interestingly, this post will show you top scholarships to study anywhere. Furthermore, it will detail the benefits, eligibility, and application process.

Here are some of the top scholarships to study anywhere in the world:

  • OFID Scholarships Awards 
  • Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grant
  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program 


OFID Scholarships Awards 

The OFID Scholarship Program pays no attention to wherever you wish to study. They aim at helping those from developing countries pursuing a master’s degree in a relevant field of development. However, they don’t fund students from OFID member countries.


The award covers the candidates’ tuition fee with other fees that your institution of study requires. Additionally, it covers airfare only once between the candidate’s home country and university with insurance and accommodation. There is also a provision of monthly allowance to candidates. 


The interested persons must meet up with the following requirements:

  • The age requirement is between 23 to 32 years old during submission.
  • Candidates must meet the minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or exceed it, or its equivalent.
  • The candidates must have finished their undergraduate degree from an accredited college. At most, they should be about to complete their degrees.
  • They must be applying for a full-time master’s and maintain the full-time status all through the duration of the degree.
  • All candidates must be citizens of developing countries but not OFID Member countries. Hence, citizens of Ecuador, Indonesia, Nigeria, Algeria, Gabon, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya, Qatar, and Venezuela are ineligible.
  • The course of the candidate must revolve around the economics of development. These courses pertain to OFID’s core mission for sustainable development.

Application Process

Before applying, go through the complete eligibility carefully. Thereafter, gather all your supporting documents before your application. Finally, register for the application and pick a form.

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Fill out and submit your form before the deadline.

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grant

This scholarship is one of the best scholarships to study anywhere globally. The Rotary Foundation honours students with this award via the Rotary Foundation Global Grants. Rotary funding goes to those pursuing a graduate-level research program.

Furthermore, the candidate can choose only from Rotary-approved universities in countries where the Rotary club is present. Again, the applicant must move outside his home country. The scholarship recognizes specific courses.


The value of the fund is an estimate of $30,000. This amount will cover the following: tuition, passport, travel expenses, and language training courses. The last on the list is unnecessary if the university is not strict about language skills.

Moreover, the scholarship funding doesn’t cover other miscellaneous expenses. The candidates can renew it for up to four years.


The eligibility criteria could differ from Rotary Club to Rotary Club. Therefore, all interested persons should reach out to the district where they wish to apply. Ensure you get comprehensive information on the requirements before plunging.

Application Process

The application for Global Grant works through an online process. Firstly, your sponsor clubs will initiate the application, allowing interested persons to create a profile. Thereafter, all candidates should proceed to complete the scholar profile online.

The scholarship application has no particular deadline as it is on a rolling basis all through the year. However, all applications must come in three months before the date the scholar intends to depart. The Foundation can have sufficient time to check and process their applications with this.

Finally, all interested applicants should contact their local Rotary club for more information on the grant. They can initiate this contact using the Rotary Club Locator.

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program 

The Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship program is one of the most prestigious scholarships to study anywhere. It recognizes outstanding students from developing countries who have a high academic performance. It is only open to postgraduate programs.

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Furthermore, unlike others, it is not a complete program. Contrarily, it is on a 50% grant 50% loan agreement. The foundation gives the award after a competitive process once a year.


The scholarship is a support to the effort the student has presented. It assists with living expenses and tuition fees only. The cost of travelling and miscellaneous is not among the funding reach.

Moreover, it awards the student for the first two years of study alone. Hence, the students must be ready to further their education after the scholarship expires.

Also, half of the scholarship is a loan, and the students must repay it annually with an additional charge of 5%. The payback period can last for five years only. Conclusively, students can start paying back their loans six months after the Foundation has stopped funding them.


You can summarize the criteria for every student with three points:

  • Age Limit: there are no specific barriers to age. However, the foundation gives preference to students under 30 years of age.
  • Geographical Region: The foundation is keen on the region of application. It accepts India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Tanzania, Madagascar, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Syria, Kenya, Uganda, and Mozambique citizens. In cases of the UK, USA, France, Portugal, and Canada, only those originally from developing countries are eligible.
  • Area of Residency: It accepts applications from eligible citizens residing in any country that has any of the following:
    • A local Aga Khan Foundation (AKF)
    • Aga Khan Education Services (AKES)
    • Aga Khan Education Board (AKEB)

They must have these centres to process applications and, in some cases, interview candidates. Other requirements include:

  • The candidates must be interested in development studies or a related course.
  • They must demonstrate their financial need.

Application Process

Students should get the application form from the centres mentioned above. After successful completion, send the application back to the centres where you got them. Importantly, don’t send your application straight to Geneva.

For information on the deadline, contact the AKF office in your region. 

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