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Transform Together Scholarships 2022

Transform Together ScholarshipsNowadays, it is not impossible to study abroad at the university of your choice. With fundings like the Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together Scholarships, your dreams can now become a reality. 

Aiming for such scholarships can be a very competitive goal and challenging decision. For this reason, I have come up with this post to put you through all you need to know. To increase your chances of success, ensure you stick to this post to the end so you won’t miss anything.


What are the Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together Scholarships?

The Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together is for overseas or international students only. It comprises a half fee waiver which the university gives undergraduates and postgraduates for the first year. Interestingly, Sheffield University offers this 50% discount to only those starting a full-time taught course in the academic year.

The target students are those who demonstrate flawless academic achievements. During application, the candidates will have to prove that they are different from the crowd. Moreover, they will also need to describe the differences they will make as university ambassadors through their study.

The duration of the program varies with the course in question.

Scholarship Benefits

There are several privileges you enjoy while partaking in the Transform Together Scholarships. Some of these privileges include:

  • The university offers candidates a 50% fee waiver for the first year of study irrespective of their programs
  • As the name of the scholarship implies, it’s an opportunity to transform your life according to the market competitive requirements.
  • Every candidate has the privilege to learn about the rich European culture and its history
  • The scholarship favors individuals from all over the world

Scholarship Eligibility and Criteria

The following are the criteria that every applicant must observe before applying. The applicant must:

  • Pass as an international student or come from the European Union
  • Be a fee-paying student
  • Have applied for a full-time course at Sheffield University for either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree
  • Get a student identifier number after applying for the course
  • Have a minimum of 2.1 or an equivalent in undergraduate honors for postgraduate students. 
  • Also, meet the requirements in English and other academic entries as the course require. This requirement applies to both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
  • Be fully funding his/her studies without getting funds from an external source. The external source in this reference could be a scholarship provider, a company, an employer, or the government.
  • Have the ability to pay additional fees which the course may require, like the fees for the subsequent years of study
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Other Notes on Eligibility

You are not eligible for the funding if you:

  • Do not hold a course at the university 
  • Have received a postgraduate qualification within the UK and beyond in the past. This criterion applies to postgraduates only.
  • Received a Transform Together scholarship earlier for a course at the same degree
  • Are applying to study a course of the university at a partner institution outside the United States
  • Have started the course which you are applying for before applying for the scholarship 
  • Are equipped with a source of full or partial funding without funding yourself independently.
  • Have an offer for one of the forum’s International Foundation Programs. After such a program, you can only apply for the scholarship with the course you will progress into after such a program.

How to Apply for the Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together Scholarships

At this stage, you know you must have applied for a course at the university already. However, if you haven’t, visit the university’s official site to clear this out. Also, ensure you thoroughly go through the criteria before applying to avoid disqualification.

Once you’re sure you meet all the criteria, you may proceed with the steps below:

  • Visit the scholarship site online and pick an application form before the closing date
  • Fill out the application form and send your academic transcripts to globlscholrshiptranscripts@shu.ac.uk before the deadline.
  • After successful submission, wait for a month after the deadline date as the selection process continues.
  • Always check for notification as the university will notify you after this one month

About Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University is one of the best universities in the center of the city of London. It began in 1843 during the industrial revolution when Sheffield became the steel-making capital worldwide. After the lobbying by artist Benjamin Haydon, they founded the Sheffield School of Design.

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When it began, it was on a tiny scale with tuition in a 60X40ft rented room off Glossop Road. As it began to grow, in 1850, it changed from the School of Design to Sheffield School of Art. In 1905, Sheffield Training College on Collegiate Crescent admitted its first 90 students.

More renovation began in 1969 when the Sheffield School of Design merged with the city’s College of Technology. This conjunction formed the Sheffield Polytechnic. In 1976, Sheffield Polytechnic merged with Sheffield City College and Totley Hall College and became Sheffield City Polytechnic. 

Today, Sheffield Hallam University is now more than it was in its early beginnings. It is now a public research university in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Sheffield is based on the City Campus and the Collegiate Crescent Campus.

The university is the 14th largest in the UK out of the 169 universities in the area. There are 30,960 students in the school, with 4,400 being international students. Additionally, it has about 4,494 staff and 708 courses present.

Other fun facts of the University of Sheffield Hallam

Being in the 5th largest city in the United Kingdom, it has the perfect environment for learning. The school has numerous facilities for learning which they are constantly updating to suit modernity. Over the last five years, they invested 100 million euros in new facilities like a 24-hour library and others.

They also have reasonable accommodation provisions which are near to the campuses. You are just ten minute walk from your lectures. With world-class lecturers, every student will get the best academic experience from the school. 

The school received the University of the Year at the UK Social Mobility Awards in 2021.

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