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Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarship 2022

Nottingham Developing Solutions ScholarshipAre you someone who dreams of forwarding his education to one of the top-notch universities overseas? Interestingly, it is not impossible to do so even when there isn’t enough money to make such a move. With fundings like the Developing Solutions Scholarships at the University of Nottingham, you can now bring those dreams to life.

The modern-day educational system has made it easy for everyone to process these types of funding. All you need to do is stick to this post, where you’ll be getting complete information on this scholarship. Remember that you have a higher chance of success when you have complete information.


What is the Developing Solutions Scholarship at the University of Nottingham?

The Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarship assists outstanding students from Africa, India, and other selected Commonwealth countries. Nottingham offers this scholarship with international students in mind. Developing Solutions is the foremost and most prolific masters’ scholarship program at Nottingham.

Interestingly, the school gives a massive 105 awards under the Developing Solutions Scholarship. Moreover, only students who wish to pursue a full-time master’s at the university can apply. This requirement excludes MRes.

Developing Solutions covers 50% or 100% of the program’s full-time masters’ tuition fees. Hence, the funding amount varies according to the student’s type of funding and, in some cases, course.

Scholarship Benefits

The value of the scholarship is a full or partial reduction of the student’s tuition fees. Aside from this, the scholarship gives a chance to a higher number of students, making it easier to succeed. 

With the University of Nottingham being a top university globally, the academic experience is another credit. 

Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarship funding is mainly for certain individuals who meet certain requirements. Likewise, the Developing Solution scholarship is not for everyone, and the school will rule out those ineligible. To apply for the scholarship, an applicant must:

  • Be a citizen of a country in Africa, India and some certain Commonwealth countries or consider it a permanent home
  • Have the status of an overseas student for the fee
  • Earlier apply for a full-time Master’s or MRes at the University of Nottingham in the UK within the application date. The candidate must also hold an offer from the university to commence this course
  • Be putting in for courses within the Faculty of Engineering or Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Faculty of Science or Social Sciences also work well with the scholarship
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For better success chances, keep in mind that the school will not accept a current student. It will also reject a graduate of the University of Nottingham or one who has studied equivalent degrees earlier. 

You are not eligible for the scholarship if you are already studying in the UK. You are also not eligible if you undergo another regional scholarship or International Sporting Excellence Award.

How to Apply for the Developing Solutions scholarship at the University of Nottingham

Before applying for the scholarship, ensure you have first applied for the full-time Master at the university. Furthermore, you should have also received and accepted an offer from the university to study the course. However, you don’t necessarily have to take the offer before commencing your application.

Also, before applying, ensure you thoroughly go through the entry requirements according to your study course. 

  • After getting this offer, visit the scholarship page of the University’s application system known as MyNottingham. Ensure you’re making this application before the deadline of the scholarship
  • Be aware that there are certain documents you must keep ready to back up your application. They include:
    • Evidence of experience and qualifications. Your experience here can either be your personal, professional and educational
    • You may need to submit a transcript, academic certificate copies or reference letter
    • Other documents relevant at the time of your admission
    • If the English Language isn’t your first language, you may need to provide evidence of your knowledge of it
  • Once you have your documents and every other issue protocol cleared, fill out and submit your application
  • If you received an offer for an MRes course, send an email to scholarship-assistant@nottingham.ac.uk for application instructions. The scholarship team will put you through 
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Post Application Processes

The selection phase will occur once all submissions come in and the deadline has passed. The body responsible for this will judge students via their responses on their forms. They will also do this using their personal statements, academic skills, and excellence.

If the body shortlists a candidate who fails to accept the offer, it will move to the next student. Furthermore, the entire package of the scholarship cannot exceed 100% of tuition fees. The scholarship can come with an award from Nottingham University Business School.

About the University of Nottingham

In 1881, a university college began in Nottingham and expanded to receive a royal charter in 1948. This institution turned out to be the present-day University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. It is a public research institution that belongs to the elite research-intensive Russell Group association.

It comprises the main campus called ‘University Park’, a teaching hospital called ‘Queen’s Medical Center’ and ‘Jubilee Campus’. They all stand within the City of Nottingham and other smaller campuses with sites around the area. Moreover, the University of Nottingham has outlets and campuses in Malaysia, China, Ningbo and Semenyih.

Also, five constituent faculties make up the school, with each faculty mothering over 50 schools, institutes, departments and research centres. It is no small school in terms of students with over 45,500 students and 7,000 staff.

It has once recorded an income of 694 million euros from 2020 to 2021, with 114.9 million from grants. Furthermore, it is a member of several organisations, including the Russell Group, Association of Commonwealth Universities, e.t.c. It’s also a part of Universities UK, the Virgo COnsortium, Universitas 21, the European Universities Association and Sutton 30.

The school has an impressive ranking on several platforms and has received several awards. It ranks number two in the UK for top employers, with many graduates getting jobs instantly. It has received a Fields Medal, a Gabor Medal and Prize, a Turner Prize and 3 Nobel Prizes.

Conclusively, it is one of the top ten universities in the UK today.

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