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Italian Scholarships – Postgraduate

Italian Scholarships - Postgraduate

Seeking to apply for a postgraduate degree at a university in Italy? Indeed, you are making an excellent choice to study in Italy. With some postgraduate Italian scholarships for international students, you’ll find your education even smoother than you imagine.

In this post, you’ll learn about the top postgraduate Italian scholarships for interested persons to study in the country. Additionally, it contains details on each award, its benefits, requirements, and the application process. Therefore, for complete information, stick to this post to the end.

Here are some of the best postgraduate Italian scholarships for international students:

Italian Government Scholarships for International Students

UNIPV International Scholarship for Developing Countries

International Scholarship for the Master in Management of Sustainable Development Growth

Italian Government Scholarships for International Students

Most times, the government of countries worldwide offer scholarships for international students. Likewise, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) awards grants to international students. Hence, they create a friendlier atmosphere that promotes international scientific and cultural collaborations.

Additionally, the scholarship aims at promoting the Italian language and practices worldwide. Also, it leads to the growth of the country’s economic system in the world. The awardees of these grants can pursue study, research, or training programs in any Italian higher institution they choose.

There is no specific number of awards, and there are particular fields of study for this award.


There are numerous benefits from this award, and they come in groups as below:

Tuition fee payments: The scholarship covers the tuition fee of the awardees. However, the tuition and enrollment fee payment may not come through in some cases. This situation depends on the university the candidate chooses.

Allowance: Monthly, the candidates will receive 900 euros as an annual allowance. The ministry will pay the amount to their Italian bank account automatically.

Insurance: All awardees will receive an insurance grant covering health and medical insurance as contracted by MAECI. Also, this funding lasts for the entire duration of the grant. Again, the insurance will not cover any previous medical challenges or pre-existing conditions.

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Additionally, the scholarship lasts for six to nine months, depending on the candidate’s course. With a minimum of fifteen university credits, the candidate can renew the scholarship. In the case of a PhD program, the candidate will need to present a positive evaluation letter from tutors.


The requirements also come in groups:

Age: The age requirement for the scholarship depends on the course they choose. 

Applicants for master’s degrees in Arts, Music, and Dance, must not be more than 28 years old. Students of Italian Language and Culture courses must also be within this age range. However, there is an exception to renewals.

Applicants for PhD programs must not be older than 30 years old. Likewise, there is an exception to renewals.

Applicants for Research Projects should not be more than 40 years old at the time of application.  

Citizenship: Only international students not residing in Italy and Italian citizens living abroad are eligible.

Academic Qualifications: All applicants must hold the necessary educational qualifications for enrolling in the Italian University. 

Language Skills

If the candidate wants to enroll in an Italian-taught course, they must know the language. Also, they must be able to prove their language proficiency with a language certification.

However, if the candidate wants to enroll in an English-taught course, they must know the language. Once the candidate comes from an English-speaking country, proof is not necessary. Otherwise, they may need to provide their certification in the English Language.

Application Process

Application forms are available on the official scholarship site. Therefore, eligible applicants should pick a form and apply before the deadline. Finally, all candidates must ensure they make their submissions before the deadline.

UNIPV International Scholarship for Developing Countries

The University of Pavia, also known as UNIPV, offers five scholarship awards to eligible international students. However, the scholarship aims at enhancing international cooperation with developing countries. Hence, the target audience is students from developing countries who wish to study at the University of Pavia.

There are some selected courses for this scholarship program, and all must be master’s degrees in English. These courses are mostly engineering courses and some in business, economics, and other science departments.

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The overall scholarship is worth about 8,000 euros for the academic year. It covers the total tuition fees and economy class travel expenses to and from Italy.


Only the following people are eligible to apply for the scholarship:

Citizens of a developing country who portray financial need. The World Bank must classify them as low-income or lower-middle-income economies.

Students must be 30 years old or older during the time of application.

Application Process

Firstly, all applicants must have applied for an eligible Master’s degree program at the University of Pavia. Secondly, they must have received admission for their application and accepted it. Afterwards, all candidates should pick an application form and fill it up before submitting it with the supporting documents.

Conclusively, applicants can submit only through email. All applicants should ensure they apply before the deadline.

International Scholarship for the Master in Management of Sustainable Development Growth

If you’re an international student who would like to get a master’s in Management of Sustainable Development Goals, try this. LUMSA University in Italy cooperates with CANDRIAM and FEEM to offer grants to students pursuing a Master’s in MSDG. Up to ten students receive this award.


The scholarship doesn’t make completely clear the tuition fees and cannot come in the form of cash. Also, the funding differs in the pattern below:

There are six martial scholarships worth 5,000 euros

Three advanced scholarships worth 7,000 euros

One excellence scholarship worth 9,000 euros


The scholarship depends highly on the qualifications of the student. Therefore, all candidates should ensure high academic qualifications before applying for higher chances. Also, the scholarship is open to only those who received admission to the Master in Management of Sustainable Development Goals.

Application Process

The scholarship doesn’t need a separate application. The school will access candidates with their submissions for admission.

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